1) Please provide, in full, the antibiotic guidelines used by your trust. 

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust guidelines are available to view on the Microguide Viewer at http://microguide.horizonsp.co.uk/viewer/rsch/

No log-in or password is required. Please click on the ‘switch guide’ button at the top right hand side of the screen to move between the Adult Antimicrobial Guide and the Paediatric Antimicrobial Guide.

2) Is antibiotic prophylaxis routinely given for urinary catheter removal after any joint replacement? : yes/no

No – please refer to the Urinary Catheterisation section of the Microguide for situations where antibiotic prophylaxis is indicated.

3) If yes, which is given and how?  N/A
4) If yes, what proportion of patients with urinary catheters receive it?  N/A

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