Lymphoedema service

Lymphoedema is a chronic, progressive and incurable condition, presenting as oedema or swelling in tissues that can appear at any age. It can be due to an inherited condition, following disease or treatment of a disease, as a result of trauma, or following acute episode of infection / inflammation. Lymphoedema is commonly defined as being a chronic swelling persisting for longer than three months and is a condition that is diagnosed by a medical profession / specialist nurse with the appropriate training, qualification and knowledge.

The lymphoedema service is led by a specialist nurse who will arrange an appointment with individuals for a full assessment, including agreeing a treatment plan.  The specialist nurse works with individuals to maximise supported self-management for patients living with lymphoedema.  Often this will entail compression bandaging and advice and education for symptom management at home.

Following your treatment, onward referral via your GP may be necessary to oncology, vascular, dermatology, or leg ulcer/wound care specialists.

The service is for adults, aged over 18 with lymphoedema and is usually for people registered with a GP practice within Guildford and Waverley, but does also cover additional areas (please discuss with your GP/CCG/the lymphoedema service for more details about this).  Referrals are predominantly via the GP and also other health professionals.

The service operates using an appointment based system with appointments offered within working hours, between 9 am 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

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