Vas Manohoran

Having worked in advertising and recruitment, after completing my MBA and Masters in Marketing, I realised I should make my career meaningful to the community; I chose to work with the NHS. Working as a Clinical Audit Analyst, I put my 100% to make significant contributions for betterment of our patients.

I’m honest to and proud of what I do. Like every member of our Trust I too am proud of working  at the RSCH  (who isn’t?). I see my tenure with RSCH as not only a means to earn, but to serving community.

Being selfless is what I believe to be the astute quality of good governors. I believe my drive to being helpful is what drove me to become a governor. My transformational skills from my career outside and in the NHS will help me to perform my governor duties incisively.

I believe, with little changes come the biggest transformation. With a knack to questioning the status quo, I’m confident I can contribute towards augmenting the quality of patient services, bearing in mind the betterment of staff members.

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