Integrated Care Information Analysis Project

NHS Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group and Surrey County Council (lead commissioners)  are working with key providers to consider how we can better integrate health and social care services to improve the health outcomes for the over 65 age group within the Guildford and Waverley population.

We are exploring how we could establish an Integrated Care Organisation (ICO) – that focuses on bringing together services to the benefit of individuals, populations and the taxpayer.

We are considering how a commissioning model, known as Capitated and Outcome-Based Incentivised Contracting (COBIC), can be applied. COBIC aims to reduce waste within the healthcare systems by streamlining care, improving the use of data, engaging the public and patients in design of systems and bringing together provider organisations so that they can work efficiently and effectively.

To support the development of commissioning an ICO, an initial project has been set up, the Integrated Care Information Analysis Project (ICIAP)

The project is being led by the University of Surrey. It will help us to understand the current health and social care needs of our over 65 population  and the implications for changing and integrating health and social care, putting the patient at the centre of all we strive to achieve. To ensure that the information we have reflects the needs of the population not just now, but into the future, we are looking at analysing the health and social care information of all those living within Guildford and Waverly who are over the age of 40. Initially this will include the pseudonymised data of patients that have used the Royal Surrey County Hospital our community services and social care services. It does not include information held only by your GP.

To learn more about this work, please refer to our Fair Processing Notice’.

Engagement events for patients, public and voluntary and third sector organisations

From 14th October 2014 a series of engagement events (the first will be at the Holiday Inn, Guildford, registration 6.30pm) will be run to explore the benefits of potential integration and opportunities for keeping over 65s out of hospital and as healthy as possible. The target audiences will be members of the public, and voluntary, third and care sector organisations.

For more information, contact Paul Davey, Communications Manager, NHS Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group. Email:

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