1. In the last three financial years (2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18, how many staff members employed working at your trust have reported bullying by another staff member? I would be grateful if you could break down by year. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust incident reporting does not categorise specifically under the terminology ‘Bullying’ and therefore the figures are provided under the following code ‘abuse of staff, by other members of staff’ and also include figures where the term ‘Bullying’ has been used in the description.

2015 / 2016 = 43

2016 / 2017 = 35

2017 / 2018 = 43 

2. How many of these incidents were dropped or withdrawn, and how many were formally investigated? Again, please break down by year. All reported incident were investigated accordingly. 

3. For the most recent financial year (2017-18) I would be grateful if you could provide a full breakdown of incidents, including the job of the alleged perpetrator (doctor, nurse, non-medical staff, etc) and what the allegation was based on – as well as the outcome of the allegation. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not record this information in such a format where the information requested would not provide the potential to identify. This therefore falls under Section 40 for he Freedom of Information Act.

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