Safeguarding vulnerable people

Royal Surrey County Hospital Foundation NHS Trust has a responsibility to ensure it keeps people safe whilst they are in our care, but also to recognise and escalate where there are concerns about their care and treatment at home.

The definition of safeguarding is necessarily broad as there is a wide range of risks of abuse or neglect that can result in harm to children and adults. Effective safeguarding arrangements seek to protect individuals from harm caused by abuse or neglect occurring regardless of their circumstances. (NHS England 2015)

The trust is signed up to the Surrey County Council procedures for children and adults and it is social services that have the lead in any safeguarding case.

For more information on children’s safeguarding visit the Surrey Safeguarding Children’s Board, click here.

For more information on adult safeguarding visit the Surrey Safeguarding Adult’s Board, click here.

Anyone can be a victim of abuse but some groups of people may be particularly vulnerable. Within the trust we have a Learning Disability Liaison Nurse, Mental Health Liaison Team and a Dementia Specialist Nurse.

What to do if you are concerned about abuse?

It is important that if you are concerned about possible abuse, or that you feel you are a victim of abuse, that you report the concern.

  • If you have a safeguarding concern about someone contact the Surrey Multi Agency safeguarding Hub (MASH) : 0300 470 9100
  • After 5pm during the week and at weekends or Bank Holidays for adults or children contact the Emergency Duty Team (Out of Hours – 5pm – 9am): 01483 517898
  • Where a crime has taken place or the adult may be in immediate danger contact should be made with Surrey Police. In emergencies using 999 or if less urgent using 101
  • If the concern is about someone who is a patient at the hospital, this can be raised with hospital staff, who will escalate it to the social care team in the hospital.

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