Upheld complaints

Upheld Complaints

Below, please find a list of anonymised upheld complaints and the action taken by the Trust in response:


Upheld complaints March, April, May 2016

The Trust received a letter via a patient’s local MP highlighting the difficulties and inefficiencies they had encountered in booking a physiotherapy appointment.

The Trust Chairman apologised to the patient for the issues they experienced and explained that work is ongoing in this area.


The daughter of a patient complained that her mother’s procedure was cancelled after a suspected tumour was discovered. She said this caused undue stress and worry.

The Trust apologised for the delay is seeking additional theatre time to perform the highly specialised procedure.


A patient’s husband has complained that his wife was left without her medication because the suppliers did not receive her prescription on time from the hospital.

The Trust explained that issues with staff had impacted on prescriptions and recruitment is underway.


The patient’s mother complained that her daughter’s surgery has been cancelled twice at short notice.

The Trust apologised and explained that the postponement was down to the high demand for emergency beds, which could not be predicted.


The patient complained about the behaviour and attitude of the consultant.

The Trust apologised and the Consultant has reflected on how they converse with patients and their families.


Mother of patient complained that her daughter experienced a long wait for her weekend echocardiology appointment and was not on the waiting list. They also complained they were treated rudely by a member of staff.

The Matron apologised to the patient and was able to rebook the appointment.


The niece of a patient, aged in their 70s, complained about the treatment her aunt received in A&E. Explained they were told she had sprained her writs when it was fractured. Also raised concerns about the Fracture Clinic and Outpatients.

The Trust apologised to the patient and they were assured that the locum SHO is no longer employed by the Trust.


The patient’s husband  complained that his wife was unable to obtain her medication as the manufacturer had not received the prescription from the hospital.

The Trust apologised and explained that it was due to the availability of the Specialist Nurse. Pharmacy arranged an urgent prescription as soon as alerted.


Patient complains about the number of men present before and during her Gynaecological procedure.

The Trust apologised and explained that theatre teams are made up of those with the appropriate skills and experience, not based on gender.

The patient’s partner has complained that his partner’s procedure was cancelled for the second time at short notice.

The Trust apologised.


The patient’s widow raised concern that her late husband was discharged without any advise being given or any care plan being put in place.

The Head of Nursing apologised for the distress caused.


The patient’s wife complains that her husband had not received written confirmation of his appointment and on arrival, staff were unable to find any details of the session.

The Trust apologised for the confusion and assured the patient that all future appointments would be confirmed by letter.


The patient complained about delay in Chemotherapy being received in Chilworth Ward.

A detailed review of this pathway will be undertaken to ensure there is a realistic time between medical review and treatment.


The patient’s son-in-law complained that whilst waiting for Oncology results, he was sent a letter which included a three month parking permit. This made the patient worry they needed three months of treatment.

The Trust apologised and explained that parking permits are generated along with the patient’s appointment letter.


The patient’s wife complained that she was unable to obtain a follow-up appointment for her husband who became sick following treatment at the hospital. The patient is now being treated at another hospital.

An explanation of the sequence of events was given and the protocols have been reviewed so that:

  • The consultant will be involved at an early stage to make referrals of patients to tertiary units
  • Early referral to orthopaedic or neurosurgery units will be considered for patients with specific identified conditions
  • Senior members of specialist teams will be asked to see patients where their input has been requested.
  • Consideration will be given to the use of long term antibiotics for patient with specific identified conditions


A complaint was submitted via the PALS team from a patient who has complained that information on her discharge letter is incorrect.

A letter of apology was sent to the patient for the errors and confirmation was provided that the details have been corrected in the patient’s healthcare records.


A patient complained that he received two calls from unknown members of staff advising him that his appointment was cancelled. He chose to ignore the advice and turned up in clinic.  He found the clinic was not cancelled and he was treated by staff.

The Specialty Manager met with the complainant during an outpatient appointment and apologised. There were no plans to cancel the clinic and the calls were made in error.


A patient, diagnosed in 2014 with Grade 3 breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy in September 2014. She was advised that she would be placed on the waiting list and that her reconstructive surgery should take place early 2016, however, the patient has been advised that due to financial issues, her surgery has been cancelled. Her consultant has referred her treatment to another hospital.

A full explanation was given for delay for benign cases advising that a date was unlikely to be available in near future. The patient has been referred elsewhere and is considering surgery there.


The patient has received a letter stating that she missed an appointment. She claims that she did not receive correspondence from the hospital advising her of this appointment. The patient has complained about the attitude of a member of staff in the Appointments Centre and the Secretary in the Immunology Department when she called to discuss this matter.

The Trust apologised for the manner in which the patient’s enquiry was dealt with and advised that there was an error in her contact details on the national NHS database which meant that she did not receive the two text reminders which were sent.


A patient complained that he is not being copied into correspondence that is sent from his consultant to his GP. The patient is concerned that aspects of his medical notes have been filed in another patient’s notes.

A letter of apology was sent to the patient, which also confirmed that all correspondence has been filed in the correct healthcare record and that it had been reviewed by the patient’s consultant.


A patient complained about the time it was taking for her chemo drugs to arrive from Pharmacy. The patient was offered apologies for delay, advising that additional resources and equipment were being arranged for the Unit to meet increased demand.


The wife of patient with Hepatitis C complained that they have been waiting for nearly a year for treatment in spite of requesting a transfer to St. Peters Hospital, Chertsey. She has also found out that from his records, he has been discharged which has caused a lot of distress.

An apology given for confusion and delay in arranging appointments.


A visitor complained about the visibility of numbers in the parking bays in the visitor’s car park.

A response was issued advising that there are plans to repaint the numbers in the next few months.




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