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Consultant receives multi-million pound grants to test cancer drug


A cancer treatment that teaches the body to attack tumours is to be trialed on colorectal patients after a Consultant from Royal Surrey County Hospital has been awarded two multi-million pound research grants.

Dr Tony Dhillon, who is a Medical Oncologist, has been granted the money by two American pharmaceutical companies to investigate whether immunotherapy can improve the outcomes for bowel cancer patients.

Combined, the two studies will involve almost 500 patients and will look at whether the drugs are effective in stimulating the body’s natural defences into destroying tumours.

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Royal Surrey researchers helping talented drama student


A talented drama student left bed bound and struggling to talk by a rare liver disease is being helped by researchers at Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Emma Gaul was forced to put her plans for drama school on hold when she was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a genetic disorder which causes a toxic overload of copper in the body.

The illness progressed rapidly and left the teenager with neurological difficulties and cirrhosis of the liver, which is more commonly associated with people who drink too much alcohol.

The teenager from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, is now the first patient taking part in a clinical trial at Royal Surrey County Hospital.

The Trust is one of two sites in the UK that has been chosen to trial the new drug, bis-chloline Tetrathiomolybdate (WTX101), with Professor Aftab Ala chosen as the principle investigator.

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