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Getting cancer patients fit for surgery as part of a new clinical trial.


The Royal Surrey County Hospital is getting cancer patients fit for surgery as part of a new clinical trial.

Patients will receive a 15 week prehabiltation, or ‘prehab’, programme, with an exercise scientist to prepare them for surgical procedures.

The study is aimed at patients who are facing a 10 hour long operation for oesophageal and stomach cancer.

Prior to surgery this group of patients usually undergo nine weeks of chemotherapy and in most cases their fitness levels deteriorate.

It is hoped that patients who have undergone the ‘prehab’ programme will be fitter and as a result their bodies will be better prepared for surgery and to deal with any complications that may arise from this major high risk surgery.

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Study into weight loss in patients with incurable lung cancer.


A study looking into weight loss in patients with incurable lung cancer has started at Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Researchers will explore how common it is for this group of patients to experience weight loss before they start treatment and how this could affect their quality of life.

It will also scrutinise whether doctors are able to predict outcomes using a number of simple diagnostic tests and measures before the individual commences chemotherapy.

In total the study aims to recruit 100 patients, who will come largely from the Royal Surrey, with support from neighbouring Trusts.

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Consultant receives multi-million pound grants to test cancer drug


A cancer treatment that teaches the body to attack tumours is to be trialed on colorectal patients after a Consultant from Royal Surrey County Hospital has been awarded two multi-million pound research grants.

Dr Tony Dhillon, who is a Medical Oncologist, has been granted the money by two American pharmaceutical companies to investigate whether immunotherapy can improve the outcomes for bowel cancer patients.

Combined, the two studies will involve almost 500 patients and will look at whether the drugs are effective in stimulating the body’s natural defences into destroying tumours.

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