Meet the Audiology Team cont.

Joanne Athawes – Paediatric Audiologist

joatawesJoanne qualified as an Audiologist in 2009 with a BSc from the University of Southampton. Whilst working in the department she has specialised in vestibular diagnostic assessment and rehabilitation and has been running tailored rehabilitation clinics for nearly three years.  She is currently completing the Higher Training Scheme in Vestibular Assessment and Management. She has been on the organisation team for the Royal Surrey Audiology ‘How to Manage a Dizzy Patient’ annual seminar since 2011. Joanne is also a part of the paediatric team; working on children’s hearing assessment clinics and completing home visits for infants with hearing aids.



Sally Lavender – Paediatric Audiologist

sallylavSally Lavender qualified as an audiologist in July 2010 from the University of Southampton. Her clinical interest is in Paediatric audiology. Recently, Sally has completed her Paediatric Module of Higher Training Scheme with British Academy of Audiology.





Joanna Dennis – Audiologist

joannadennisJoanna is a full time audiologist at Royal Surrey County Hospital. She qualified as an audiologist in 2012 from The University of Southampton, with a BSc (Hons) in Audiology.  Her clinical interests are adult hearing assessment and rehabilitation. Joanna specialises in domiciliary services for adults. Her future interests include specialising in special needs services.




Viveka Owen – Audiologist & Tinnitus Therapist

vivekaViveka qualified as an audiologist in 2009 from the University of Southampton and has since been working at Royal Surrey County Hospital. Originally specialising in adult rehabilitation, she also started training and working as part of the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Team in 2013.





Henry Heselton – Audiologist

henryhesHenry covers Audiology clinic at Cranleigh, Royal Surrey, St Peter’s and Ashford Hospitals. Henry qualified with a degree in Audiology from University of Southampton. Henry has an interest and background in the science of sound, as he also has a degree in music and sound recording from theUniversity of Surrey. Henry works in adult rehabilitation and has a future interest in vestibular clinics. He enjoys research and has helped with Royal Surrey’s Annual Advanced Balance Seminar.



Keith Knight – Audiologist

Keith has been a dynamic member of the Audiology department. He has a special interest in hearing aid fitting. Keith spends most of his time in clinics at Haslemere Hospital.

Helen Maiden – Audiologist

helenmaidenHelen has been working as an audiologist for over three years. Helen graduated in Audiology from the University of Southampton in 2010.  Helen specialises in rehabilitation of adults with hearing loss and is based at Frimley Park Hospital. Helen has also been managing audiology clinics at FleetCommunity Hospital for over a year. Currently Helen is training to expand her audiological services in the private sector  aswell. Helen’s area of interests also includes Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.




Victoria Park – Audiologist

victoriaparkVicky is a full time audiologist based at Frimley Park Hospital. She graduated from The University of Manchester in 2011. Vicky is a specialist and lead in Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA). Her managerial roles include stock verification at Frimley Park Hospital. Her areas of interest are Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) and physiological measurements involved in diagnosis of balance disorders.




Erin Reeds – Audiologist

erinreedsErin initially joined the team as a student audiologist, during her clinical placement year in 2010. She qualified as an audiologist in 2012 from The University of Southampton, with a BSc (Hons) in Audiology.  Her clinical interests are adult hearing assessment and rehabilitation, and she hopes to pursue work in Paediatric Audiology in the future. She currently covers clinics at Frimley Park Hospital, Aldershot Centre for Health and Fleet Community Hospital.



Shari Hari – Audiologist

shariShari carries out an adult assessment and rehabilitation clinics at Ashford and St Peters’ Hospital. She also trains and aid volunteers at Ashford. Shari aims to progress in Paediatric Audiology in future.





Janak Talati – Audiologist

janakJanak completed his BSc in Hearing, Language and Speech from the National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Mumbai, India. He came to UK and did his MSc in Psychology from University of East London. His main area of work is in adult hearing diagnostics and rehabilitation for adults with hearing loss. Apart from Royal Surrey County Hospital, He covers clinics at Royal Surrey, Ashford and Frimley Park hospitals.




Victoria Watts – Audiologist

victoriawattVictoria graduated from the University of Southampton with a first class BSc Audiology (Hons) degree in 2012. She specialises in adult rehabilitation and is based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. In addition to this, she also runs audiology clinics at St. Peter’s and Woking hospital. She is currently involved in the recruitment and training of hearing aid volunteers in the community.




Louise Wingfield – Audiologist

louiseLouise graduated in 2011 from DeMontfort University with BSc (Hons) in Audiology. Louise is based at Royal Surrey County Hospital and originally specialised in adult audiology, providing care for special needs, complex case and tinnitus patients. Louise is currently working in the paediatric team and completing the Higher Training Scheme in Paediatric Assessment, with includes regularly carrying out domiciliary visits for infants with hearing aids.

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