Audiology Research

Audiology Research

The department contributes to the following research studies:
– The Genetic Associations of Otitis Media Study with MRC Harwell
– A longitudinal comparison of outcomes for hearing-impaired children with either bilateral hearing aids or bilateral cochlear implants with UCL Ear Institute

Research Themes

  • Hearing and Cognition
  • Auditory Perception with and without Hearing Aids
  • Impact of Cancer Management Therapy on Hearing and Balance Function
  • HIV and Dizziness
  • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Management of a Dizzy Patient
Silent Night – is there any peace anywhere in Britain?


Heavy metals and noise exposure

Is there evidence that environmental noise is immunotoxic?

Does noise pollution weaken the immune system?

The role of vestibuar evoked myogentic potentials in the diagnosis of dizziness

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