Clinical Directors and Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Bhavesh Patel (Anaesthesia)

Specialties: Clinical Director Anaesthesia, Head & Neck, Paeds

Dr Amish Patel (ICU)

Specialties: Clinical Director ICU, RCoA Examiner, FICM tutor, Clinical Governance lead ICM

Clinical Leads and Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Matthew Berry

Specialties: Clinical lead Anaesthesia, Trauma & Paed Anaesthesia lead, LNC, Appraisal, CPEX

Dr Justin Kirk-Bayley

Specialties: ICU, ICU Clinical Lead, JICS editor, SPACER, LSORA, Critical care USS, Regional

Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Nial Quiney

Specialties: HPB, Sepsis, ELPQuiP,

Dr Snjezana Comara

Specialties: Obs, Obs Pre-assessment, Gynae

Dr Girish Dhond

Specialties: Urology, Brachytherapy, Gynae, Gynae-Onc, Appraisal

Dr William Fawcett

Specialties: HPB, Lap colorectal, Acute Pain, Senior Fellow – Uni. Surrey, National Clinical Advisor – ER, ERAS, AAGBI Council

Dr Hamish Griffiths

Specialties: OG, LNC Chair, Appraisal

Dr John G Jenkins

Specialties: Appraisal

Dr Nigel Payne

Specialties: Eyes lead, Urology, Brachytherapy, Acute Pain, Max-Facs

Dr Kristen Carter

Specialties: ICU, ACCS & ICU Med undergraduate lead, Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, Appraisal

Dr Paul Saunders

Specialties: Eyes, NAP Coordinator

Dr Michael Scott

Specialties: OG, Lap colorectal, ICU, National ER lead

Dr John Stoneham

Specialties: Max-Facs, Lap colorectal

Dr Jane Tilley

Specialties: ICU, Gynae-Onc, RSCH Director Medical Education (DME)

Dr Mike Cararetto

Specialties: AKI lead, ICU Appraisal, ICU Follow-up, Medical lead for Surrey Critical Care network, National CRG Rep for South Coast Adult Critical Care

Dr Matthew Dickinson

Specialties: OG, HPB, Peri-operative Medicine Lead, QuARC, NELA trust lead

Dr Allister Dow

Specialties: Chronic pain, Appraisal

Dr Gillian Foxall

Specialties: Regional, EDRA, Breast

Dr Catherine James

Specialties: Chronic pain Clinical Lead

Dr Suzi Lomax

Specialties: Trust lead Simulation, Head & Neck, Breast

Dr Visweswar Nataraj

Specialties: Pre-assessment, Audit lead, TPD Surrey Core trainees

Dr Pradeep Prabhu

Specialties: HPB, CPEX lead, Gynae-Onc, Clinical Risk lead, Appraisal

Dr Hersh Saxena

Specialties: Max-Facs, CPEX, Pre-assessment lead, Appraisal

Dr Daniella Tonucci

Specialties: Chronic pain, Appraisal

Dr Mark Way

Specialites: College Tutor, Lead Obstetrics, Regional, Breast, Appraisal

Dr Mehrun Zuleika

Specialities: Brachytherapy, OG, Max-Facs, ICU

Dr Ed Walters

Specialities: ICU, ICU Follow up

Dr Ben Creagh-Brown

Specialities: ICU, SPACER lead

Dr Chris Jones

Specialities: HPB, OG, Lead anaesthetic research, Medical Undergraduate lead, DTC

Dr Wendy King

Specialities: Head & Neck, Airway Lead, Obstetrics, Clinical Risk, Simulation

Dr Piers Johnston

Specialities: Enhanced Recovery, ACSA, LNC

Dr Alex Fletcher

Specialities: ICU, ICIP lead, IT lead

Prof Lui Forni

Specialities: ICU, Critical care nephrology, visiting Professor Uni. Surrey, ESICM

Dr Rachel Savine

Specialities: ICU, Obstetrics, Medical Education

Dr Leigh Kelliher

Specialities: Lead DSU, OG, Obs, CEPOD, Gynae-Onc

Dr Katie Blightman

Specialities: Obs, Consent, Blood Management, Pre-assessment, Clinical Risk

Dr Michele Bossy

Specialities: ICU, ICU Sim Lead, Regional, EDRA

Dr Sam Huddart

Specialities: OG, NELA, ELC, CPEX, Gynae-Onc, Paramedic lead

Dr Dr Ed Mathers

Specialities: Obs, Head & Neck

Dr James Doyle

Specialities: ICU


Please see below to contact any of the Anaesthetic Consultants’ Medical Secretaries.

Tel: 01483 571122 Ext: 6328/4743

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