Royal Surrey receives quality mark for stereotactic radiotherapy

Royal Surrey receives quality mark for stereotactic radiotherapy

Royal Surrey County Hospital has received an international quality mark for its stereotactic radiotherapy treatment.

The Trust is one of just a small number of centres in the UK to be Novalis Certified, which is a recognised standard for radiosurgery.

Stereotactic radiotherapy is a cutting edge technique that can be used on inoperable tumours and for patients not fit for an operation.

It is highly accurate and allows patients to receive a high dose of radiotherapy in 3-5 visits to the hospital, rather than 20 or 30 visits.

The machine works by precisely aiming radiotherapy beams at the tumour from a number of different directions around the patient’s body.

Novalis Certified is an independent accreditation program that promotes the delivery of stereotactic radiotherapy at a level of efficacy and safety commensurate with a high standard of clinical practice. The treatment at Royal Surrey County Hospital is currently being used for small primary lung tumours and tumours that have jumped from a primary cancer to a bone, lymph node, adrenal gland or the lung.

Upon becoming Novalis Certified, Royal Surrey joins a prestigious community of hospitals that have demonstrated the requisite clinical capabilities and standards for treatment delivery.

Clinical Oncologist Dr Veni Ezhil said: “We are delighted to have achieved Novalis certification.

“The certification demonstrates that St Luke’s Cancer Centre’s experienced clinicians are delivering both high-quality and safe radiotherapy.

“We will continue to develop this and other services for our patients to ensure that they have access to the latest and best treatments possible.”

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