Royal Surrey Stars

Nominations closed for 2016

Do you know a Royal Surrey Star?

Have you come across an employee or team at the Royal Surrey who stand out or go the extra mile?
Each year, the Royal Surrey calls for local people to nominate a member of staff or a team for our Patients’ Choice Award.
The award, which has featured in the ceremony for the past five years, provides an opportunity to thank staff who deliver outstanding service
on a daily basis. The finalists of this category will be invited to attend
the Trust’s Awards Ceremony, in November.
Nominations are welcome from anyone served by the Royal Surrey County Hospital, including patients, carers and family members.
To nominate, complete the form in this document (either online or via
paper format).

Top tips to help get your nomination to the Royal Surrey Star Award finals:

★ Complete all questions on the submission form.
★ Enter full name and contact details for both yourself and the person you are nominating (nominator’s details will not be passed onto any third parties).
★ Try to keep the submission to below 400 words
★ And remember, you can nominate as many people as you like. The nominations will be judged against set criteria by a panel of judges. When writing your nomination, please consider:
★ How has the person/team demonstrated going above and beyond their usual duties?
★ Has the person/team demonstrated exceptional care and compassion? How have they demonstrated this?
★ What impact has this person had on you/your care?

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Patients’ Choice Award


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