Mobile apps + kiosks + contacts

1. Do you provide or promote the use of any mobile applications by your patients/service users? If so please answer the following questions for each application, if known.

a. Name of application – N/A – The Trust neither provides nor promotes these.
b. Software supplier – N/A
c. Number of users associated with the trust – N/A

2. Do you use any patient self-check-in or information kiosks, if yes please answer the following questions for each application, If known

a. The Area in the hospital the system is used – Outpatients
b. The primary function of the system – Support Outpatient process flow
c. The System supplier – Allscripts
d. Number of Users per year – Unknown
e. Cost of each system 2014/15 and year to date 2015/16. – part of the Trust PAS Contract, no separate cost

3. Please supply the name and email address of the persons in post for each of the following roles:

a. Head/Director of IM&T – Mike Cavaye –
b. Head/Director of Transformation or person responsible for delivery of Cost Improvement Scheme – Ann Spence –
c. Senior Manager responsible for Cancer Services and/or Outpatients – Kathy Butt –

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