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Antenatal and Birth Preparation Classes

If you have booked to have your baby at Royal Surrey you are entitled to attend antenatal classes at the hospital.

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Antenatal Workshop (approx. 32 weeks onwards):

A 6 hour antenatal workshop run by the community midwives that covers all the important aspects of labour, birth and the first few days with a new born.  Topics covered include; stages of labour, pain relief, active birth, variations from the normal, infant feeding and baby care.  The workshops are taught in Guildford, Godalming, Farnham and Haslemere.  This class is FREE, booking is essential; please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725.

Birth and Beyond Course (approx. 24 weeks onwards):

A four week course that covers all aspects of labour, birth and baby care. These classes are held at The Royal Surrey or Losely Fields Children’s Centre, Godalming and are an excellent way of getting unbiased, midwife led antenatal education while making friends at the same time.  Included in the course is a 3 hour Baby Care Workshop. You do not need to attend this AND the Antenatal workshop as the information would be very similar. This course  is £150, booking is essential.

There is the option to book a hypnobirthing shortened course for £75 if booked with a birth & beyond course. This is a shortened course that teaches the breathing and relaxation techniques that support the education received in the birth & beyond classes. You would not then require a full hypnobirthing course.

Please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725.


Hypnobirthing (approx. 26 weeks onwards):

Hypnobirthing education taught by experienced practising midwives and qualified hypnobirthing practitioners.  Hypnobirthing teaches breathing, relaxation, massage and visualisation techniques to women and their birth partners to help them achieve a calm, gentle birth.  Hypnobirthing is not only used by mums wanting a natural labour and birth, but by any mum wanting to learn ways to stay calm, controlled and relaxed during labour and birth.  This course is £125, booking is essential.

The sessions are run in the parentcraft room at the back of the antenatal clinic and at Losely Fields, Childrens Centre Godalming. Please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725.

Resuscitation Skills for New Parents (You can attend antenatally or to 6 months postnatally)

This is an informal class giving parents the opportunity to learn basic resuscitation and choking management for both infants (0-1yr) and children (1yr – puberty) in accordance with the Resuscitation Council UK guidelines. The session will also cover some basic first aid including bleeding, burns, head injuries and seizures. The class is run by one of our own midwives who is an instructor in both advanced adult and paediatric resuscitation.  We cannot accommodate children or babies on the class.  This class is  £25 a couple. Booking is essential.

Please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725

Baby Care Workshop (approx. 32 weeks onwards)

A lot of a pregnant couples time and attention is focused on the birth of the baby, but what do you do afterwards?  This 3 hour class will cover everything you need to know about the early days of parenting such as Infant feeding, nappy changing, sleeping, bathing as well as the transition into parenthood and postnatal recovery for mum.  Perfect for parents who want a recap as they have had a baby before or for for parents who want to add to there antenatal education. This class is included in the price if you book onto the Birth and Beyond course but can be attended by anyone.  The workshop is £50, booking is essential.

The sessions are run in the parentcraft room at the back of the antenatal clinic and at Losely Fields, Childrens Centre Godalming. Please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725

Twins and Multiples class

This class is designed and led by a midwife who is mother to twins herself.  The content includes; options for labour and birth, how you will be monitored, pain relief options, assisted birth as well as caesarean section, what to expect on the ward and at home, infant feeding and general baby care.  Also discussed is what happens if your babies need special care in our Special care baby unit (SCBU) or in our transitional care bay.  Included in the class is a tour of the maternity unit (not SCBU). This class is FREE, booking is essential.

Breastfeeding (Antenatal) Class (approx. 32 weeks onwards):

The breastfeeding class is taught by our breastfeeding specialist midwife.  During the class she will discuss principles behind breastfeeding, how to get breastfeeding off to a good start, anatomy of the breast, how to hand express, positioning at the breast, how to know feeding is going well, how the RSCH supports breastfeeding, what you need to breastfeed and where to go for support.  You attend this class while you are pregnant.  This course is FREE, no need to book, just turn up but please note you must be there for the duration of the class. 

The class runs:

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month between 1330 – 1500 in the Parentcraft Room.


Every 4th Wednesday of the month between 1900 – 2030 in the Parentcraft Room.

Fear release class (approx. from 24 weeks onwards): 

This 3 hour class is for women who are very fearful of giving birth.  Its aim is to discuss what the options are surrounding birth, dispel myths about labour and birth and teach relaxation, breathing and massage techniques to help women feel more relaxed and comfortable in the run up to, and during the birthing process.  This class is for mums only.  This class is FREE, however you will require a referral from your midwife or doctor.

Home Birth Forum

Interested in learning more about homebirth?  The home birth forum is an informal meeting run by the Surrey Hills Homebirth Team and is attended by both mums to be who are planning on having a homebirth and mums who have already had a homebirth.  Come and listen to other mum’s experience of homebirth or pop along for a chat with one of the homebirth midwives.  The coffee mornings are FREE and run on a monthly basis. For more information on homebirth then please contact Tanya Ashton on 07467339395 or email  For dates and times of the coffee mornings then please go to 

Physical Preparation for Childbirth:

Run by The Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapy Team

Class 1: Great Expectations: Staying fit, preventing pain in pregnancy.  (ideal to attend from 12-20 weeks but can come at any time)

Learn ways to minimise discomfort during your pregnancy. We cover posture, back care, core stability, pelvic floor exercises and exercising during your pregnancy. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards.

Class 2: Labour Stage 1: Optimising your experience

Understand how labour positions, breathing techniques, relaxation, massage and TENS can ease your labour.

Class 3: Labour Stage 2: Delivery and beyond

Learn positions for the second stage of labour; breathing techniques, instrumental deliveries and caesarean section. Understand postnatal recovery including returning to usual activities and exercise.  We also advise on perineal massage.

Classes 2 and 3 are suitable from 32 weeks onwards and partners are very welcome to attend.

The Classes are approximately 2 hours long.

If you wish to book onto one of these classes please email or call 01483 464153.

The dates for these classes are included in the main timetables but please click here to see separately: Dates for 2018

These classes are FREE, booking is essential please email or call 01483 464153.

Please note that employees have a right to paid time off for antenatal care.  ‘Antenatal care’ isn’t just medical appointments – it can also include antenatal or parenting classes if they’ve been recommended by a doctor or midwife.  Please visit for more information.

To find out times, dates, availability and to book the classes please contact Julie Herbert on or call:  01483 406725 or visit for more information.

For all questions regarding class content, suitability or advice on what classes or combination of classes might work for you then please contact:

Claire Barraud  

Antenatal Education Specialist Midwife

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