Legionella Water

Water Hygiene / Legionella Control  
Who is responsible for this contract? Can you please provide me with their name, job title, contact number and email address  Bouygues Energies and Services have the maintenance contract for the Hard services on site. Matthew.Bennett@bouygues-es.co.uk is the general manager and AP. 01483 571122


Is this contract completed by a contractor, or is the work undertaken in-house This service is provided by Bouygues and their appointed specialist service provider


What is the name of the incumbent supplier (if applicable) Bouygues  use Aquavent as their specialist service provider


When did the current contract commence April 2016


What services do they provide (i.e. temp monitoring, sampling, RA, IAQ etc) Temperature recording, monitoring, sampling, RA, IAQ


When does the existing contract expire, and where will this be advertsied  July 2017 dealt with by Bouygues procurement / supply chain


What is the approx. number of sites the contract covers  1


What is the annual average spend (excluding VAT) This information is being withheld on the basis of the exemption contained within section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (Commercial Interests).  The Trust accepts that there is a public interest in how public money is spent; however there is also a need to withhold information that would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust and/or third parties.  In assessing the public interest, the Trust takes the view that this would be the case in this instance.


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