Junior Doctors’ Contract

The government has announced it is introducing a new contract for all junior doctors, and this is going to be introduced from August 2016. I would like to know:

1)      If your trust has been provided with, or carried out any estimates on, the overall one-off cost to the trust for the implementation of the new contract.  No – not yet known.  This would include one-off costs such as introduction of new payroll systems, training of staff etc. If so, please can you provide this information and the overall costing for the new junior doctor contract introduction. 

2)      If the trust has been provided with, or carried out any estimates on, the ongoing cost or benefit to the Trust of the new junior doctor contract. No – not yet known.  This would be from ongoing changes in salaries, reduction in locum costs or work patterns etc. If so, please provide this information. Please state where any ongoing costs or benefits over the current junior contract are anticipated. 

3)      Finally, please state if the trust plans to make any changes to any of the junior doctor rotas following the introduction of the new junior doctor contract. Not yet known.  If the trust does plan to make changes, please estimate:

a) the percentage of current junior doctor rotas that are aiming to be changed

b) A very brief (one-line) summary of what these changes are (eg more working in the evenings)

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