Jr Dr Contracts New Starters

Please provide all the information you have given to new junior doctor starters at induction at the beginning of August 2016 regarding the new junior doctor contract. Please state if you are requiring any of these new junior doctors of any grade to sign a contract that differs from the 2002 national terms and conditions of service*. If you are requiring any doctor to sign a contract or other document different to this, please provide a generic copy of that contract/statement that you are requesting any doctor sign. Please provide all correspondence (emails etc) involved in the creation of this new document you are requesting any doctor to sign.


Please provide any attachments with emails. If any information is exempted, please state how much information has been removed/redacted. 


* Available here: http://www.nhsemployers.org/your-workforce/pay-and-reward/nhs-terms-and-conditions/junior-doctors-dentists-gp-registrars/junior-doctors-terms-and-conditions-of-service-and-associated-documents


Please find below information regarding the new junior doctor contract given to new junior doctor starters at induction.  All August 2016 doctors in training starters were offered 2002 terms and conditions and the contract associated with this.  Please note that personal contact details for the Guardian of Safe Working have been redacted.





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