The NHS provides advanced digital hearing technology at no cost for people with impaired hearing. However the NHS cannot offer the vast range of style choice that is available privately, the latest premium quality hearing aids or additional devices for use with hearing instruments.

As a private business run by RSCH Audiology we provide services to anyone who is interested to purchase hearing instruments or accessories privately. We do not require a referral from your G.P. Our service is provided by Audiologists employed by the NHS who are registered to dispense hearing aids by the Health and Care Professions Council.

We currently supply hearing instruments from several leading hearing instrument manufacturers. These include tiny “invisible” hearing instruments and the latest “Made for iPhone” receiver-in-the-canal instruments. We also supply equipment to allow your hearing aids to connect wirelessly to devices such as: a mobile or home telephone, TV, PC, or an MP3 player. There is a vast range of choice, but we aim to guide you through them and help you make the best choices for your specific hearing requirements. For those who are undecided if they should opt for NHS hearing instruments or purchase privately our staff will advise you what your local NHS audiology department can and cannot provide.


If you book an assessment with us there is no obligation to purchase and no charge for the appointment. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member along with you.

At the appointment you will be seen by an Audiologist who will discuss the problems you are having with your hearing. Your Audiologist will ask you about how your hearing difficulties affect your day-to-day activities and lifestyle. They may also ask about your general health and any ear related problems which you may have, such as tinnitus (hissing, buzzing or other noises in your ears or head) or problems with your balance.

The Audiologist will examine your ears and they may carry out a test called tympanometry to see how well the middle part of your ear is functioning. They will measure your hearing using a technique known as Pure Tone Audiometry.
The Audiologist will explain your hearing test results and the options available to you. Together, we can form an Individual Management Plan based around your individual goals and how they may be achieved. If the Audiologist finds any indication that you should have medical investigations into your hearing they will write to your GP or a specialist doctor to let them know.

If you decide to purchase hearing instruments privately we will order them for you and arrange an appointment for them to be fitted; usually around two weeks later.


At this appointment, your new instruments will be set to your personal prescription using the manufacturers recommended method. Often we use a process called Rear Ear Measurement (REM). This ensures that the settings are specific to the results of your hearing test and also to the size and shape of your ear canal.


You will be offered a follow-up appointment to take place within your 30 day trial period. This appointment is tailored to your needs. We will discuss how much you are using your instruments and any difficulties that you may have found when listening in specific situations. We will ensure that you are managing your instruments well and understand how to use them and maintain them. We are happy to see you as many times as needed to help you to adapt to wearing your new hearing instruments.


Included in the initial cost of your instruments we offer annual hearing tests to clients who have purchased from us. We are also happy to see you regularly to check that your instruments are functioning well and adjust the programming when needed for the lifetime of the instruments.
A warranty of 2 years on your hearing instruments
1 year supply of FREE batteries and accessories
FREE aftercare service for the lifetime of your instruments including annual hearing tests.
30 day money back trial period
Please note that insurance is not included. We recommend that you insure your instruments for loss and theft.


Contact us:
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Audiology Department
Egerton Road

Email: rsc-tr.HearWear@nhs.net

Tel or Text: 07717 694460



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