GnRH Analogues for prostate cancer treatment

We would like to request the following information regarding the administration of gonadorelin (GnRH) analogues (also known as LHRH analogues) for the treatment of prostate cancer within: Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

1 Within your organisation, which healthcare professional (role) clinically recommends the LHRH that is prescribed? Urology consultant, SpR or clinical fellow or Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

2 Which healthcare professional (role) within your organisation usually administers the first injection? CNS, although more likely that it will be given in primary care.

3 Where is the first injection usually given (hospital or primary care)? Primary care generally

4 Which healthcare professional (role) within your organisation usually administers subsequent injections? Primary care

5 Where are subsequent injections usually given (hospital or primary care)? Primary care

6 For subsequent injections, does the patient still remain under the care of the hospital (eg attends hospital clinics although injections are given in primary care), and if so, for how long? The patient will remain under the care of the hospital for follow up, to ensure treatment is effective for as long as necessary.

7 If injections are administered in primary care, what recommendation/advice comes from the hospital? Recommendations are usually generalised, i.e request for the 1st LHRH injection (Zoladex, Prostap or Decapeptyl) to be prescribed and administered. It would normally be recommended to start with a 1 month injection and then continue with a 3 monthly one after that, for a specified length of time or indefinitely.

8 Request for Re-use
Please can you confirm whether we are permitted to reuse any information provided under the Open Government Licence? Yes
We (IMS Health) request permission to re-use as a part of an independent analysis into NHS administration of gonadorelin analogues, which has been commissioned by one of our clients.
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