FOI 4209 Info Tech

I would like to request the following information regarding your Information Technology purchase for the last tax year:


  • Amount of spend on Medical Grade Computers for the last tax year £ 88,361.82


  • Amount of Spend on carts (COW: computers on wheels / WOW: workstations on wheels) for the last tax year £36,825.77


  • Amount of spend on Medically certified Mobile Tablets for the last tax year £2,170.80


  • Amount of Spend on Surgical Displays for use in theatres for the last tax year £14,588.64


  • Amount of Spend on CIS (Clinical Information System) £30,781.92


Would you also kindly provide me with me any additional information of


  • Which Supplier framework you purchase the above through This information is not available


  • Which suppliers you currently work with? Supplier List – Dell, Parity Medical, Proband & Protouch

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