A&E Activity

1. How many minors/see & treat patients are seen in the A&E per day? If no statistics available please provide an approximate amount estimated by the Clinical Lead of the department. 109 per day

2. How many haematology blood test requests are sent from the A&E? Table below showing total number of blood science requests received from A&E from April 2015 to March 2016.


Accident & Emergency
APR 2015                      2,351
MAY 2015                      2,315
JUN 2015                      2,259
JUL 2015                      2,304
AUG 2015                      2,449
SEP 2015                      2,307
OCT 2015                      2,358
NOV 2015                      2,234
DEC 2015                      2,265
JAN 2016                      2,405
FEB 2016                      2,282
MAR 2016                      2,821
Sum:                    28,350


3. How many patients arrive to the A&E by ambulance? Average 50 per day

4. How many ENPs/ANPs does the A&E employ? There are 12 ENP’s which equates to 8.98WTE.

5. Is the A&E paid by the CCG per patient according to the national tariff for type 1 A&Es? Are there any modifications to the tariff? Yes- paid according to national tariff- no modifications to tariff

6. How big is the activity with regards to particular HRG codes in minors area? For example how many patients with VB08Z code are seen annually? Please provide figures for all A&E HRG codes.


EM_HRG total
VB07Z                    8
VB09Z            9,461
VB11Z          20,743
VB05Z                    5
VB08Z          38,238
VB06Z                463
VB03Z            3,630


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