The Paediatrics department provides acute and elective care for babies, children and their families.

Services provided:

  • Hascombe Children’s Ward is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and provides 28 inpatient beds plus a Paediatric Assessment Unit and Teenage Oncology Service and is a Level 2 POSCU (Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit).
  • SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) is a Level 1 unit with 12 cots which provides neonatal intensive care for babies above 28 weeks gestation.
  • We have a dedicated Children’s Outpatient Department which provides general, specialist and tertiary clinics, as well as a Child Development Centre (including Clinical Psychology service).
  • There is also a Named Nurse and Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children and an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. 

Contact us

  • Hascombe: 01483 464 071
  • SCBU: 01483 464 834
  • Children’s Outpatients: 01483 571 122 ext: 6944


  • All facilities are located in the West Wing.
  • Hascombe Ward is located on Level F.
  • SCBU is located on Level G.
  • Children’s Outpatients is Outpatients 6, Level B. 



Key personnel


Deputy Director of Operations: John Coleman

Service/ Speciality Manager: Mandy Woodley

Matron: Jane James


Dr Ben Obi: Speciality interests in General paediatrics and Nephrology

Dr Charles Godden: Speciality in Respiratory paediatrics

Dr Alex Sumner: Specialist interests in General paediatrics, diabetes ane named doctor for safeguarding

Dr Mark Evans: Clinical Director for paediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology and safeguarding children

Dr Michael R Ryalls: Specialist interests in general paediatrics, paediatric endocrinology, paediatric oncology, paediatric rheumatology

Dr Charlie Moss (Locum): Specialist interests in epilepsy, neurology and neurodisability

Dr Ruth Mew: Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Dr Paula McQueen: Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Dr Jo Bartley: Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Dr Ozan Hanci: Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Dr Archana Kshirsagar (from September 2014): Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Dr Rick Fulton: Specialist interest in general paediatrics

Child Development Centre Consultants:

Dr Caroline Salmon: Specialist interests in neurodisability and child development

Dr Penny Gibson: Specialist interests in community paediatrics, neurodevelopment, developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders

Dr Clare Henderson: Specialist interests in clinical child psychology

Contact Information

Children’s Unit
Tel 01483 571122 ext 4074
Hascombe Ward
Tel 01483 571122 ext 4070