A & E

The Accident & Emergency Department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and is open round the clock every day of the year including bank holidays.manages.  It sees 80,000 emergency patients each year and handles everything from minor injuries up to major incident and major trauma patients. 

Choose Well

The Accident and Emergency Department provides immediate emergency care for those who show symptoms of serious illness or who are badly injured. In an emergency go straight to an A&E department or dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

To help us make sure A&E is available if you or your loved ones are seriously ill or injured, please do not choose this service unless you really need it. You can visit the Choose Well website, to help you make an informed decision about which NHS service is right for you.

Services We Provide

The A&E Department consists of the following areas:

Children’s A & E

This specialist service is provided everyday. 
The opening times are:

Friday - Monday 7.30am - 11pm
Tuesday - Thursday - 7.30am - 8pm 

The department employs Registered Sick Children's Nurses who have specialised and are experienced in A&E care. Outside these hours all children's attendances are managed through the A&E Minors area.

Majors Area

The Majors area is for patients who present with a serious illness or injuries, who require clinical investigations such as ECGs, blood tests and advanced nursing care. 

The observation ward is utilised when patients need further investigations or require a period of nursing / medical observation before they can be safely discharged.

Resus Room

The resus room contains five beds, with one bed dedicated to paediatric patients. This area is utilised for those patients with potentially life threatening illness and injuries.